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Airport Lounges, Annoying Buses, Just Missed a War...

Updated: Apr 30

What a week! I just got back from being Master Of Ceremonies for a high level banking conference in Prague. While sitting in Melbourne Airport I checked out a few travel vlogs on Youtube and wondered how hard it could be to create a video like that?

Mostly it's catchy clickbait titles followed by secret camera footage reviewing airline crew , food quality, hotel rooms etc... with the occasional travel delay or visa mix up thrown in.

Notable is the quality of the footage taken on small, expensive cameras attached to clever selfie sticks. Decent microphones are also a must.

So, I decided to try. I have to say that while my flights were all perfectly on time there were some quirky moments captured.

I visited a Melbourne Airport lounge that I didn't know existed, I had a close call just missing a war in the Middle East, I dressed as a local dancer in Prague, found the city empty and had a hiccup in Doha at my hotel.

Mmm, maybe I should invest in a selfie stick after all. Check out the video.

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