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Want a fun corporate segment? Here's a checklist to help me help you!

a cartoon of a checklist for a master of ceremonies

As a Corporate Master of Ceremonies, I created these questions to send out to corporate clients so that I can create bespoke entertainment segments for them.

It could be an Interactive Quiz, Lyrics to a Song, fun Staff Awards, a 'This Is Your Life' segment etc... Use them for your own event and let me know how you go. Or contact me if you need some help! Just click here to send me a message.


Who has the best car park at the office/factory?

Why is it the best spot?

Is it controversial? Were they even meant to have it? Did they fight for it?

Who drives the funniest car?

Why is it funny?

Who has a car you would never expect them to drive?


Who’s always late/early or most often late/early for work?

Is there a story?

Who has the messiest/cleanest desk?

Story about them?

Who has been at your company the longest/shortest?


This person was embarrassed/embarrassing at a work function. Why?

Any other funny stories from a work function?

Best/Worst dancer?

This person is the tightest financially. Why? Funny story?

Best dressed in the office?

Weirdest injury forcing time off work?

This person has the weirdest hobby! What is is? Why?

Who took the strangest holiday/ most expensive, cheapest (tight!)?

Funny story?

Who was involved in the worst business deal/relationship/experience gone wrong!

Funny outcome? Clever outcome?

Worst potty-mouth staff member?

Who is your company’s main competition?

Which company causes your company the most frustration? Stories?

This person loves a drink.

This person is an organic tea-drinking vegan… but do they have a surprise?

This person has loads of kids. Father/Mother of the year. Why?

This guy is a hit with the ladies.


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