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My Keynote presentation Stand Up Comedy Secrets - EASY life lessons from the "Hardest Job In the World" gives me an opportunity to teach business people of all types and pass on amazing lessons I've learned from Stand Up Comedy. I break down the psychology, physiology, memorisation as well as the creative writing involved in manipulating an audience to laugh. These techniques are then connected back to the business experience to show how effective they can be in everyday life. Would you like me to present at your next conference?

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The MC process involves meeting you and understanding what you want to achieve at your important event. It may be to celebrate a company milestone or anniversary, launch or raise awareness of a new product or raise money for your charity. Each event has its own challenges and requires great thought and care and given that audiences are unique, a positive attitude and an ability to adapt and improvise is vital. 

I've MC'd hundreds of events in over 30 countries and I'd love the opportunity to meet you and discuss your important event.

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I am regularly asked to assist sales teams by adding comedic content, whether it's to keep delegates engaged or to add emphasis to points that are made. I have co-written presentations for hundreds of national retail managers and have written and presented entire sales presentations, nationally, increasing sales five-fold year on year. Need to add some fun?

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Dear Col,
I’m sure you get this all the time, but I can’t even imagine what today would have looked like without you. You were an absolute genius - and saviour- of this presentation. We really can’t thank you enough or underrate what you were able to turn that rotation into. Thank you so much for your work and creativity. 
Thanks again Col, and I'm sure we'll meet again as I won’t be doing another one of these without you!


Josh Osmon - Head of Store Operations - Coles


There's nothing more fun than collaborating with companies and organisations to feature their staff in a bespoke quiz. You give me the dirt, and I'll make it funny! Lots of hilarious categories including physical challenges to get everyone up on their feet. Want to know more?

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Do you have a speech to present and you'd love a few extra laughs?

That's where I come in. I'm regularly hired to 'insert the funny'.

The process is as much fun as the delivery.


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